Requital & Mutability

Thief Seeker

Finding Nine in Baldur's Gate

The trip back to Baldur’s Gate is fast and uneventful. The first inn you come to is the Dragon’s Tale south of the River Chionthar.

Several guests are settled at the two long trestle tables the stretch the length of the poorly lit room. The Dragonborn proprietor is behind the bar drying a heavy mug. The smell of roasting meat wafts from the kitchen as a smaller female Dragonborn emerges from the kitchen holding two hand sized pies. Two male, human looking patrons sitting with their backs to the wall look up as she emerges to accept the pies. Three rough looking types with swords sheathed in scabbards running the length of their spines and heavily shrouded faces sit and the end of one of the tables, closely huddled and facing each other. A lone Tiefling sits in the shadows at the end of the bar with a nearly empty tankard of ale in her hand.

The owner of the Dragon’s Tale can reveal:

General History of Baldur’s Gate, references the Flaming Fists indicating the three shrouded men

Candledeep Keeper of the Tomes

Cloak Wood lore

Thieves Guild – “Yeah, I hear they do big business here. Ole’ Nine has a political mind about her too, ‘hear she’s biding her time to slip in a ringer for a new Grand Duke soon as Portyr outlives her usefulness. Her people are all about, you’re bound to run into one. Seems I recall someone saying she stays up in Bloomridge in the city proper.

The two humans by the fire are vampire hunters the spin a tale:

“Bodies are showing up all over without a drop of blood inside. S’jus no one’s talkin’ about it. They’s always dumped outside the original city walls so the high and mighty don’t got to see ‘em. “

The Flaming Fists conversation stalls as they seems to turn a keen ear to your conversation.

“We’s just on a break now. Then it’s back out into the night we go.”

The Flaming Fists tell you to move on if you don’t want trouble. They leave after you talk to the vampire hunters.

The Tiefling beckons you into her corner.
“What business have you with Nine Keene?”
“You’re the one, huh?” “Come with me, I’m Cara, I’ll show you the way.”

After entering the old wall you ascend a spiral staircase off a small arcade courtyard. Cara opens the doors to what appears to be the entire top floor of the east side of the arcade shops. A lavishly appointed foyer welcomes you into the building. Rose approaches from the long hallway to the right.
“Welcome. I knew you’d come.” : Possible Responses
“What letter? I left the night before, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“We have a new job for you, this time I’ll accompany you myself.”
“That’s it, you’re in. There isn’t a secret handshake or anything. Nine isn’t even here I’m sure. Let’s rest this night, we leave at first light.”



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