Requital & Mutability

Interment at Fort Morninglord

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Rose is working for “Nine” in Balder’s gate. She’s the head of the [[Thieves’ Guild]] there and is quite acclaimed. Rose does not know why the gems were the target. The information she spoke of comes in the form of a letter from Marbell Mankin, one of the four thieves who pulled off the now legendary Cowel Jewel heist. It seems one or more of the group is picking off the others to retrieve the treasure all for themselves. Fearing she was close to death she reached out to the only person she could think of that would seek the others out for revenge.

While laid over in the inn outside Elturel you found out that Eltrurel is trying to “buy” Iriaebor, a neighboring town. Elturgard wants to bring them into the fold. Some merchants seem amiable to the idea or at least to the bribes that the paladins bring in; some going so far as to allow the paladins to stay in their homes.

You also heard a wood elf stumbled out of the Reaching woods and claimed that goblins and gnolls have killed off all other humanoids in the forest and are quickly running out of food.
The next morning Rose continues on her way to Balder’s Gate. You awake to find a note under your door indicating a new “job” for the thieves guild in Balder’s Gate.

*Interment at Fort Morninglord *
While you were in the mines a violent electrical storm rolled in, reports are coming in to the city that Fort Morninglord is open once again. The rain is still constant but for now the lightning has passed. Fort Morninglord is a day’s ride west of Elturel.

Fort Morninglord’s entire compliment of paladins disappeared one night three years ago in an even that blackened every stone and fused every door and window of the keep. Fearing contagion by the unknown evil that rendered the keep uninhabited, the High Observer sealed all visable entraces behind additional layers of stone and mortar, and proclaimed that anyone who broke this interdiction would become an outlaw of the land.

The exposed manor is an imposing structure built of blackened limestone. Tiles are missing from the roof, plants grow up all the walls, and the grounds are overgrown with weeds. As you approach you see smoke drifting up from the chimney.

The building has two entrances—a wooden door reinforced with metal strips in the central part of the building, and an intricately carved set of wooden doors on the right side of the front section. The central door is so warped that it doesn’t quite close properly, and the double doors seem to be swollen shut. Next to the warped single door is a broken window.

(1) The Foyer:
The foyer is littered with natural debris that has drifted in through the partially open door. Pegs in the walls provide places to hang cloaks, and a couple of low benches allow for storage of boots. Hanging from the ceiling is an oil lamp suspended on a corroded brass chain.

(2) The Chapel:
This area is obviously a chapel dedicated to Torm. Several pews face an altar, and the walls are lined with brass oil lamps—twelve in all—in severe need of cleaning. No holy symbol graces the altar, but nine floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows depict the magnificence of Torm. Remarkably, all are still intact. Two doors provide
access to the interior of the house.

(3) The Dining Room:
This chamber holds a modest dining table and four matching chairs. A broken window gives access to the outside, and a small cabinet stands in the corner. A hanging oil lamp and four brass lamps, now corroded with age, once provided cheery light to dinner guests. An archway and a simple wooden door lead to other parts of the house.

The cabinet is unlocked and contains an intact washbasin, barely recognizable under the layers of mold and moss that have accumulated on it.

(4) The Sitting Room: If the manor was entered stealthily
A fire crackles merrily in the hooded copper fireplace that occupies the center of the room, and the smell of roasting meat wafts from it. A tall, scraggly looking female humanoid is tending the roasting meat in the fireplace. Its chimney carries the smoke up through the ceiling to the outside. Two once-comfortable chairs, now stained with mildew, flank the fireplace. A small writing desk stands nearby. Bookshelves ring the walls, but the few remaining books have obviously suffered badly from the ravages of time and the elements. An archway, four doors, and a set of stone stairs lead from this room.

Genna {non – stealthy}: A female voice cries out, “Who’s there?” Moments later,[stealthy – you see] a very tall human woman with red hair enters, brandishing a greatsword. She wears a leather tunic trimmed with fur, doeskin breeches, soft boots, and a short fur cloak. “Are you here for the hobgoblins?” she asks. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I got to them first. Was there a reward?”

Answers to questions:
• “My name is Genna. I come from up north. I was adventuring in these parts.”
• “I’ve been here for about a day, recovering from a few injuries I got when my last camp was invaded by goblins. I got one of them, but they killed the rest of my group, and I had to run.”
• “I hid out here because I figured the goblins might try to come after me.”
• “There were some hobgoblins camped out here when I arrived, so I killed them and tossed them over the balcony rail.”
• “I’ll be on my way soon; I wasn’t really intending to stay long.”
• “I haven’t seen anything like that.”

Genna attempts to throw you over the railing, failing she is swiftly dispatched.

A loud thump rises from the basement.

Most of the materials in the desk are unrecognizable, there is a book on Practical Sorcery and a journal. The journal has only a few legible pages left, one entry stands out:

“I am quite pleased with myself. No one will be able to take it now. I best write down this word lest I forget and zap myself a good one. Aurora. I like that!”

(5) The Kitchen:

Equipped to provide for a lord and all his retainers, the kitchen features several stone counters, wooden cabinets, a large washbasin, and a sizable cookstove. Any foodstuffs that were once here, however, have long since been scavenged. Most of the surfaces are covered with a layer of mildew, and the cabinets are hanging open. Two doors provide access to other areas on the ground floor, and a flight of stone steps leads down.

(6) Master Bedroom:
An oversized bed and a large wooden wardrobe dominate this chamber. In one corner stands a washbasin. Brighter patches on the walls show where paintings and a full-length mirror used to hang. All the furniture is worn and faded. The room has only one door and one window.

Loot: A search of the wardrobe reveals a hidden compartment [DC:15] that holds a silver ring set with a single ruby and three unsent love letters with no names or addresses.

(7) Guest Bedroom:
This room contains two beds covered with rotting linens, a pair of trunks, and a stand with a washbasin.

The stairs from the kitchen lead down to the main basement area. A quick look inside the stone door reveals the dead bodies of three more goblins in the adjoining chamber. Dry goods, oil, and other supplies are stored here, but judging from the smell and the vermin crawling in and out of bins, the supplies remaining here now are long past usefulness. Sooty patches on the walls show where three oil lamps used to hang, but they are missing. This chamber has two wooden doors, a steel door, and a stone door. Both the steel and the stone door stand wide open. A lanky goblin lies face-down on the floor.

The stone door is actually a secret door, but little secrecy remains now that it is open. A long tunnel lies behind the gaping stone mouth. A coup de gras takes care of the goblin.

Possessions: Shortspear, headband of magic detection

The walls of this cavern are perfectly smooth and lit by veins of crystal that glow with a reddish light. The stone door looks as if it would fit seamlessly against the jamb. It has no handle on the outside, but there is a carved wooden handle on the inside. The bodies of three reptilian humanoids lie here; apparently freshly dead. You see no sign of the clay golem. The veins in the walls are the equivalent of torch light.

(2)The stone chamber beyond the entrance measures at least ten paces square. Peeling paint and broken scrollwork suggest that it was once decorated with some care, but now only dust remains. Three massive stone doors—one each to the left and right, and one directly across from the entrance—lead deeper into the underground.

(3) The sound of hissing rain, pounding hail, and howling wind from outside is interrupted only by the occasional loud crack of thunder. Still, this room seems stable enough for the most part. Even when the thunder seems to shake the very ground, not so much as a mote of dust filters down from the ceiling. The doors leading from this room, however, do show signs of weakness, seeming to tremble with every thunderclap. Suddenly, in conjunction with a particularly loud thunderclap, all three doors break open at once, falling from their doorways into the room with a great cacophony. Seconds later, the sounds of squeaking fill the air as a pack of rats swarms in from the largest doorway.

Stampede! 100XP

(4) The long stone hall ends in a stone chamber furnished only with cracked, moldering tables on which lie rusted implements of iron. Rain falls into the middle of the room from a shaft in the ceiling that must run up into the courtyard. From the bottom of the shaft dangles a rope, swinging slightly [DC 15]. A drain in the center of the floor allows the water to escape, but old, dark stains suggest that it was used to carry away other fluids long ago.
Suddenly, from a doorway on the far side of the room step two burly humanoids. Each stands more than 6 feet tall and has feral eyes and flat facial features. With a roar, the two draw their weapons and charge.

_Hobgoblin Raiders XP: 100 _

The Offering Chest (6) :
This room is empty save for dust and a single, small, stone chest in the center of the floor. Evidently no one has disturbed this chamber for many years. The stone chest is built into the floor and cannot be removed. Loot: headband of the stout heart, two pearls (worth 100 gp each), and a small bag containing 500 gp.

(7) The only object of interest in this chamber is a statue at the far end. It resembles a sarcophagus standing upright, except that the head of the figure carved upon its lid looks distorted and seems to have tendrils instead of hair. Two pair of bat-like wings extends from its body. Suddenly, its eyes open, and the head flies forward to attack!

Not the Face! 100XP

Loot: Within the now-headless sarcophagus is a pile of dust and a translator’s ring

(8) A long, stone table made into the floor dominates the center of this chamber, and bright bits of gold wink from within the dust that covers the floor. Upon the table lies the well-preserved corpse of an Eltergard Paladin. Suddenly, the corpse sits up, lifting an old, rusted Morningstar in one hand and a javelin in the other. As it climbs off the table, its mouth opens to loose an eerie moan.

Brains! XP125

Loot: The Morningstar that the paladin used is cracked and nearly worthless, and his other gear (including armor) is in no better condition. On his wrists are the Manacles of Freedom. Still in his belt pouch are 15 gp.

The table he was resting on is actually his crypt, lifting off the stone lid you find a black box seemingly untouched by dust. When you pick up the box a wind whips through the room and on it barely audible you swear you hear “password .”

Inside the box wrapped in black velvet is a miniature sun orb. It glows so bright it’s painful to look upon and feels hot in your hand but you can feel the power rushing through you.



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